An eye-opening book for corporate leaders and business owners looking to become more effective and peaceful shows…

How to Calmly Deliver Great Results and Become an Amazingly Effective Leader

…Without Managing Your Time Down to the Millisecond, Getting Frustrated with Yourself or Your Team, or Always Needing to Use Your Weekends to Catch Up!

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Annika Rosendahl

“I help leaders find time and courage to lead their unique way.”


Do you feel that no matter how hard or even how smart you work, you still run out of time and never get to the bottom of the To Do list? Not to mention never getting to do anything beyond the To Do list, like the things you want and long to do? 

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

So, if working hard isn’t the answer and neither is working smart - then what is?

Here’s the secret:

Getting more done is not about managing your time down to the minute, nor is it about working smarter than anyone else or being a productivity robot waking up at 5 every day and treating your calendar as a Tetris game with every slot filled with activities. 

Instead, the key to getting more done with the time you have is, thankfully, a lot simpler and easier than you might think:

Getting More Done as a Busy Leader is about Understanding a Basic (and often Overlooked) Principle of Productivity - That You Are Human.

Because it doesn’t matter how much you rush, force yourself to work harder or guilt yourself into trying to do all the things you need to do. You’re not a robot and you need a framework for productivity which takes into account the human element, which so many efficiency routines seem to forget. 

That’s why I’d like to show you a way of getting more done in less time, being a more effective leader, and finally being able to enjoy all the interests and passions you used to have before all your responsibilities started overshadowing them. All without needing to plan out your day to the millisecond, push your team, or constantly using the weekends to play catch up!

Inside Beyond Efficiency, you’ll discover …

  • That “Lack of time” is not the reason for never catching up  - and the surprising way to ensure there are always enough hours in the day to get your work  - and what you enjoy! - done.

  • How to quickly become a valued and appreciated leader with some tweaks to your everyday work routine rather than setting your hopes to infrequent team building activities or letting people off the hook.

  • That you can maintain focus and efficiency even when you have stressed out clients, family, and colleagues disturbing your plans and your work situation. Become unshakeable by building a foundation according to the instructions in the book. 

  • That it’s possible to avoid the rigidity and inflexibility overly complicated planning leads to. Follow the guidelines to create a planning system that will make you dependable, flexible and efficient.

  • That most corporations waste a full workday each week. Learn 3 ways to gain that day back. 

In implementing the Courageous Time Management Method, you’ll implement a process for productivity and efficiency that is currently allowing people all over to become the amazingly effective and peaceful leaders they know they have the power to be.

Leaders like Per, who helped his company win a prestigious award.

Or Jo, who managed to find the time for a side career in stand-up comedy.

“I am now subconsciously managing my time"


Many of my clients have found time for passion projects like riding, carpentry or drawing after applying this method.

Evelien even got her company out of debt…

“The Timefinder is a kickstart for designing my future the way I believe God wants me to be and do. Thank you!!! Best investment I have done for a while.”


and Marie got over the unproductive feelings of guilt after learning what’s really causing us to waste time.

“It was a relief that the guilt was removed when we learned that waste time is due to lack of energy.”


Harald realised he could be more in control than he was and became more content with his professional as well as his private life while Renuka told me I had transformed her life and that what I teach (and have included in the book) should be compulsory in school.

“This has helped more than the therapist during the last 7 months!

You transform lives.”


Best of all - all clients I have worked with have found more peace and joy after paying themselves first with time. When they do, the effectiveness and efficiency follow.


Beyond Efficiency

Learn the Surprising Way to Become an Appreciated, Effective, and Enthusiastic Leader who Gets More Done with Less Effort and Deeper Joy, at Home and at Work.

Just 5 €

What Makes The Beyond Efficiency Method So Powerful?

When I first spoke to Judith, a researcher at a University, she was chasing time. Like many leaders who are also parents, she didn't sleep enough and rarely took time for activities that recharged her. This made her stressed-out and unbalanced and she lost clarity and efficiency.

Nowadays Judith is dancing with time, rather than chasing it. In addition to being a researcher she runs a business where she uses her scientific knowledge to create unique designs based on plant microscopy and she fully enjoys life with her family.

What changed?

She started paying herself first with time for energy and enthusiasm before committing time to everything else.

What we often fail to see is that no efficiency techniques can compensate for lack of energy and enthusiasm.

In the book I show you how to go beyond efficiency and secure the basics before you focus on efficiency so you can sustainably and easily get more done.

Am I saying this book can transform your life? Yes. But I can’t guarantee you will get the results I and the clients who have worked directly with me have achieved.

You see, it takes courage to move Beyond Efficiency and break away from the conditioning that tells us we need to work hard and be busy to be successful. It takes courage to decide not only what to do but more importantly what not to do.

Still, it’s more than worth it.

Happy energetic people always get more done than those who are over-committed, bored and stressed out.

That’s why my latest book, Beyond Efficiency, covers not only my approach to calm effectiveness but also methods to cut waste at work.

So if you’re interested in seeing exactly the process I give to my clients to help them…

  • Stop wasting and chasing time.

  • Get more things done quickly and peacefully.

  • Find time where there seems to be none. Time for you, your career and your loved ones.

  • Become an inspiration for those you lead and those you love

  • Create a lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable and loving.

…then you can pick up Beyond Efficiency on this page for just 5 euros.

If you like it, maybe you will want to work directly with me, so I can help you or your team at work increase effectiveness and efficiency even more.

Either way, the book will help you use your time better and enjoy your life more, even if you only apply a little of what I share in it.

Here’s What You Will Discover Inside This Eye-Opening Book

  • What the efficiency trap is and how to escape it without letting others down.

  • The real secret to getting more done (almost everyone gets this wrong). This often overlooked idea of going Beyond Efficiency rather than focusing solely on it, will certainly make you amazingly effective!

  • What Courageous Time Management is and how you can apply this method to get an astounding amount done while staying happy, loving and kind.

  • Why it’s not your fault if you don’t manage to do everything you planned - and what you can do starting today to stop overcommitting and instead become a reliable colleague.

  • How the myth of “not having time” keeps you stuck - and how a simple question will help you get back in control.

  • What a psychologist’s advice to a depressed teenager can teach you about sustainable time management.

  • Why focusing on efficiency only will never increase your productivity - and what to do instead.

  • Peaceful effectiveness is possible – but only when you know how to overcome all 3 hurdles to great time management - not just the one that conventional time management focuses on. The 3 hurdles are revealed in chapter 3.

  • Deceptively simple ways to ensure that there is always time for what really matters in your weeks and your life.

  • How to get more done without working more!

    If you thought you needed meticulous planning to get more done and be dependable you will be surprised about the easy planning method I describe in chapter 8.

  • You’ll discover how to share workload fairly - even if you find it hard to demand more from colleagues and family members.

  • How to overcome what really prevents us from being productive and joyful - rather than what we think does!

  • You’ll discover how to almost instantly get back in the driver seat of your life - even if you have fulfilled other people’s expectations for so long you have forgotten your own dreams and desires.

  • You’ll find out how to get more done with more joy just by paying yourself first with time.

  • Anyone who dares to try this method can do this! See chapter 9 to find out what to do before you accept a meeting invitation. Make every meeting meaningful and remove the biggest source of waste at work!

  • You’ll find out how to quickly recognize and avoid going down rabbit holes and waste your precious time.

  • The quick and easy way to get back in control by consciously choosing how to use your time. It works so well you’ll laugh at how hard you once thought it was!

  • Are you too tired to use the little time you have left for yourself at the end of the day? The book describes how you can boost energy immediately and long term so you can make great use of your time. (See the “Secure your energy by paying yourself first with Needs-time” section for the eye-opening details.)

  • How this structure of your Daily plan can help you avoid procrastination.

  • If you think you can’t get it all done without working around the clock, think again! You’re about to learn 3 ways to get back a full work day each week.

  • Find out the truth about what makes us run out of time and why almost everything you’ve heard about effectiveness and efficiency is simply wrong.

  • How to use your time better by filling your glass of time in the right order

  • How to stop living life on autopilot in the name of efficiency

  • How to stay steady in any storm, even if the people you work with are fast and frantic.

  • How to replace cumbersome, overly complicated and restricting planning methods with a Personal planning System that helps you stay in control and be flexible without expanding work according to Parkinson’s law.

  • How to become an effective and appreciated leader and colleague by wasting less of your and your team’s time at work.

  • Self assessments that help you see where you are and what to focus on first to get more done in a sustainable way.

  • Relatable stories and clarifying illustrations that make the reading of this book both  valuable and enjoyable!

This Works Even if None of the "Productivity Hacks" You've Tried in the Past Have Worked

Since this method goes beyond efficiency rather than focusing solely on it, it works even if you’ve already applied tons of efficiency focused time management methods.

Because this method is holistic and covers all spheres of your life, it also works even if you are in an intense phase at work and at home.

You might be thinking that you’ll need to invest a lot of time to learn this method, time you don’t feel you have right now, but actually learning the skill of Deliberately Deciding How To Use Your Time will help you immediately - even before you go through the steps of the Courageous Time Management Method. It won't take long before you get relief and a new way of managing time!

Also, two of the bonuses you get if you buy this book today will help you get out of stress even sooner: The audio book (learn while doing something that doesn’t require your full attention) and the crash course Manage your time all day every day.

If time management has made you feel bad or bored before, I understand if you’re reluctant to learn yet another method. However, this approach is different from the time management we typically learn.

Courageous Time Management is tailored for human beings (not machines or industrial processes) and you will learn how to manage time while getting more out of life. When you adapt the habits recommended in the book, managing time will not be something you force yourself to do, it will be a part of who you are.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this OFFER 🙂

Get your copy (for just 5€!) today and get these 3 bonuses for free!

Bonus #1. An Audio version of the book.

Learn the Courageous Time Management Method while commuting or doing simple chores!

By combining reading and listening you will learn on a deeper level and become more effective sooner.

Bonus #2. Templates for key parts of the method

Create your Foundation for Holistic Time Management (FHTM) and your Personal Planning System (PPS) by filling in these easy to use templates while you read the book.

By using these templates you will improve how you manage yourself and your time already after a few chapters!

Bonus #3. Manage your time all day, every day

Follow Iris and Holly through their identical days that turn out and feel differently because Holly applies the method you will learn while Iris doesn’t.

This video is a crash course on how to use a key skill in Courageous Time Management: Deliberately Deciding how to spend your time. Remove stress and get back in the driver seat of your life immediately!


Try the book Beyond Efficiency and the bonuses for 1 full year.If, for some reason, you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the full 5€.Just send us an email and ask for a refund and we will give it to you.

Get Your Copy Of Beyond Efficiency Now

I am looking forward to our journey together throughout the book!

Annika Rosendahl

Storyteller, Timefinder and Leadership

coach and -consultant

P.S. Here’s a recap…

1. You can escape the efficiency trap and become an amazingly effective and peaceful leader, even if typical time management bores or frustrates you. My book shows you how.

2. Unlike conventional time management methods, Courageous Time Management takes human behaviour into account since getting more done is not about managing time, it is about managing ourselves within the time we have.

3. When you understand that not having time is just a myth and you start paying yourself first with time you go Beyond Efficiency and get lots done peacefully and sustainably while enjoying life.

4. If you buy the book today, you also get an audio version of it, templates to fill in as you read the book and the video Manage your time all day every day - a crash course in the skill Deliberately Deciding how to use your time.

5. If for some reason you don’t get the value you expect from the book and the bonuses I will refund you up to a full year after your purchase.

About me

I still remember when I was asked by the female network where I worked to talk about how I found time to be the leader of a big and intense product development program, care for my three children and still write novels in the evenings.

“Sure, I can talk about that”, I said. “Just book a conference room where I have a whiteboard.”

A week before the talk one of the organisers contacted me.

“You may want to prepare a few slides”, she said. When I asked her why, she said that so many had signed up that they had had to book the largest room in the whole building. Hundreds, rather than the tens I was expecting, would show up.

Wow. It wasn’t until this happened that I understood how many people struggle with time. Many who worked hard and also did what they could to work smart ended up in the Efficiency trap, the trap when we work every minute and still don’t get what we want done. They wanted out of the efficiency race and into calm productivity with time and energy left for what made them happy.

The “Annika, how do you find the time” question was the start of the company I now own. What started as answering individual questions grew into speaking engagements, books, online courses and implementation programmes with caring coaching.

So how come I intuitively know how to make the most of my time? Thanks to my wonderful mum who did wonders as a teacher. My father called her “an efficiency-monster”. I learned a lot from my mum when it came to efficiency and using my time well and - more importantly - I taught myself how not to stress the way she did and I learned that I, and no one else, gets to decide how I use my time.

Now I help individuals and corporations escape the efficiency trap and get an unbelievable amount of work done - in peaceful and harmonious ways.

I am a result-minded and caring Storyteller, Timefinder and Leadership coach and consultant with 20+ years of leadership experience from the corporate world in Telecom, Automotive and Utility industries. I am a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, a PMI certified Project Management Professional and a certified Professional scrum master as well as a Robbins-Madanes trained life coach. I am also a published author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

I am married to the love of my life and I am a mother of 3 sons. Dogs and cats are also part of our family.

I grew up and live in Sweden but I have also lived and worked in France, Spain and the Netherlands. Some of the things I love to do are riding my motorcycle, being in nature and reading and writing.

I hope my book will benefit you - so you can find the time, energy and joy to be of benefit to others!