How to get lots done without stressing out

Are your shoulders pulled up and tense as you read this?

Did you plan to do a lot today, but your to-do list just gets longer?

Help yourself stay away from overwhelm and stay on track with this way of Daily Planning!

How to avoid overwhelm and stay on track all day

Daily planning:

  • Gives you clarity about the top priorities

  • Keeps you on track (and away from rabbit holes!)

  • Helps you feel happy and satisfied by the end of the day

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About Annika

Annika Rosendahl is a Storyteller, a Speaker and a Timefinder.

Her company Annikaslol helps working mums love their lives by managing their time.

Annika has 20+ years of experience as a leader in the corporate world; she is a published author and a mother of 3 lovely children. Her credentials include Master of Science in Electrotechnical Engineering, Project Management Professional and Robbins-Madanes trained Life coach.

She is a Creative, Caring, Closer, combining her analytical- and people skills with a strong ability to “get things done”.

Annika’s clients don’t only learn how to manage their time. They also become happier.

With her work in Annikaslol, Annika wants to make the world a kinder and more understanding place. A place where people enjoy the lives they live.