Leadership Coaching

Do you want to reach the next level of your leadership and make the most of who you are?
As a results-oriented and caring life coach with extensive leadership experience, I can help.

When I coach, I help in a practical, hands-on way that encompasses all areas of your life. As a senior leader with over 20 years as a corporate leader and with life experience that includes being a mother of three and living and working in several countries, I can meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.

My coaching is more than sessions. The work you do before and after is just as important to your journey. You will start by completing the Baseline and Vision Form to define where you are and where you want to go. Going through this in our first session will kick-start our work together and you will benefit from it immediately.  

Before each subsequent coaching session you will be asked to complete a pre-coaching form. Your preparation will give you insights and even breakthroughs before we meet.

This regular reflection will increase your self-awareness, which builds authenticity. People are more attracted to people who know themselves than to people who claim to know everything. :)

What my clients say

Elica Physiotherapist

Quickly identified my areas of struggle

I could feel the care and Annika was amazing by quickly identifying the areas I struggle with as well as giving me feedback.

Li Yen MD

Very patient and a great listener

Annika is a great teacher and mentor. She is very patient and a great listener. She helped identify areas I could work on, gave me bite-size practical advice to work on and checked back on my progress. She helped me feel in control of my time in this hectic world. I highly recommend Annika

Manuel, Opera singer and voice coach

The go to person to achieve goals

Annika knows where to find time where it seems there is not. She even knows how to find motivation where there is not. She is open and compassionate and asks really powerful questions to find out what is the root of the problem. She is the go to if someone needs help to achieve the goals he or she wants to achieve.

Anne, Natural health coach

Helped me unravel life long conflicts

I could not have imagined beforehand how Annika would have helped me unravel lifelong conflicts thus putting me in touch with the best of myself. With every session, she fully engaged her mastery in guiding me to see what I, myself, most highly value and break free from what I nebulously felt was expected of me.

Becky, business owner

Injection of energy

You are such a lovely person Annika, so great to talk to. Whenever we talk I get an injection of energy!

Jennie, associate director

Really know what you're doing

I noticed immediately that you really know what you're doing!

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Marta, real estate agent

Finding solutions

After thinking and talking things through with Annika, I have started finding solutions to several problems.

Agnes, business owner

Happy I found you

The webinars were good and I liked the personal sessions so much I wish they could have been longer. I am so happy I found you! You are a very organised and helpful person. It helped me a lot, knowing I could always ask you and I would get an answer to my question!

Filipe, research leader

Impacted my life

The coaching discussions have been really useful. It has been impacting my life both in private and professionally.

Ulrike, director

Helped me understand better

Individual coaching has helped me a lot to understand some things better, in interacting with others and within large organizations in general.

Maria, associate director

Strengthened my leadership

The individual coaching sessions have given me a lot of useful insights and tips which I have taken with me to strengthen myself and thereby strengthen my leadership.

Sunay, scientist

Best coach and mentor

Thank you so much Annika - you are the best coach and mentor that I have ever come across!