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What do you know about time management?

Probably a lot.

You may have read about it or attended time management courses.

So have I.

They can be great.

But a lot of them miss the point.


In fact, after hearing this, you may decide to no longer invest time and money in conventional time management courses!

Most of these systems neglect that efficiency is useless on unimportant tasks.

They also ignore the fact that it doesn't matter how much time you have if you don't have the energy to use it.


And the aspect they don’t include at all, is that productivity is irrelevant when you have lost your joy or don't have the peace of mind to be truly present with your loved ones.

My name is Annika Rosendahl.

I am a senior leader and a mother of three who has coached business leaders with time management and efficiency strategies for many years. 

I am inviting you to a new way of managing time, a way that will change your life, the way it has for many wonderful women like you.

Before you decide, I want you to take a moment and think about this question...

What would it be like to have time and energy to enjoy and enhance all you have worked so hard for?

Time for family, career and yourself?

You understand and apply the principles of Holistic Time Management and feel calmer than you have for a long time. You have dug deeper into the topics in the large knowledge base available in the Academy and you have found your way of planning your time and increasing your energy.

During this month you have been supported by a caring community of women who, like you, have decided to find out how to have it all. You and I have also met in a live webinar.

What if you knew you could enjoy this support as long or short as you want to secure sustainable time management mastery?

I have some good news for you.

Right now you can. 😊

I am offering you a kick-start of Holistic Time Management, with a continuous improvement of your skills (and well-being!) every single month.

Here’s how (and why) I created the Timefinder Academy for women like you!

Annika – how do you find the time?

When my first novel was published I had 3 small children and I was leading intense and interesting large scale product development projects. Friends, family and colleagues kept asking me how I managed. Where did I find that 8th day in the week?

My answers turned into lectures that turned into books, online courses and coaching. The women who were coached in groups wanted to continue meeting each other and then... the Timefinder Academy was born.

Why do the members of the Academy want to stay in this group? Because it is a wonderful place for us to not only grow but also be ourselves. It can be hard to find a place to talk about wanting it all without seeming either selfish or delusional. The Academy is a place where we can talk about that – and anything else.

The reason I want to help working mums is that when I help them I help so many at the same time. (Yes, as you have understood by now I value efficiency!)

When I strengthen leaders, they strengthen and inspire those they lead.

When I help mums, I help children and when children feel good our world gets better.

I think you see now why I have created the Timefinder Academy and why I would like you to join. But – only if what I teach is right for you.

Join us a month to find out if it is!

I believe I can help you because...

Here’s how (and why) I created the Timefinder Academy for women like you!

Do you want results like these?



Mother, Graphic designer, illustrator and manager of Baby in Red.

I really want to share that this course helped me a lot and I really like how you lead people onto the right "path" instead of pushing or pulling them. I also find it very admiring how you can cope with so many different personalities.



HR administration and stand-up comedian

I am now subconsciously managing my time which shows to me that the behaviour has become almost like second nature to me. I have been able to fit in more evening activities to progress my life outside of work and actually work on my hobbies to potentially develop them into another profession!



Mother and Hazard communication specialist

This program made me more focused and less emotional. I loved watching the videos, it was always with a good atmosphere. This course was good value for money!

Do you want to feel in control?



Mother, Marketing Consultant and Owner of The Equine Business Assistant

For the first time I am in control. It is a wonderful feeling actually. I am able to master my own time and not being pressured into others eating it! The program lead to mega changes. I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!



Teacher and engineer

My life has changed significantly - looking back right now I don't really understand how I was even able to go about my life without any kind of plan or concept, just doing things willy-nilly as they came along :)) So my life has changed in the way that I have included much more activities in my daily routines. I'm not constantly unhappy because everything seems to be out of my control, I actually feel confident and safe, because I know what I'm doing now.



Mother and Research Scientist

I feel more like that I am in control of my time instead of feeling that time is controlling my life. Time is there, we just need to grab it. This course made me happier. For this I am very grateful.

Dare to join us now

If you go though your day, just hoping you will get to the end of your to-do list before you break down, you know it is time to do something differently.

Not next week or next month, but now.

Too many women have come to me when "the damage was already done". Their health, family or career had already taken a major hit. Don't wait as long as they did.

If you are in control but feel as if your life is grey and boring, it is also time to make a change. Life is not meant to be run on auto-pilot! The best time, for you (and your children!) to find joy again is now.

When I give seminars about Holistic Time Management, I often quote a poem called Förlusten (the loss) by Stig Johansson:

Alla de där dagarna som kom och gick. Inte visste jag att de var livet.

"All these days that came and went. Little did I know they were life.”

They are.

I am here to help you put life into your days.

Don’t waste another day.

Join us now.

Join the Timefinder Academy

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The Holistic Time Management Principles video series!

What happens next?

When you sign up you become a member of the Timefinder Academy.

To help you make the most of the Academy I have included a course in Holistic Time Management Principles in this offer!

It is a 4 part video series that you get access to as soon as you sign up.

Take some time to watch the videos. They will change how you look at time and time management. Bring paper and pen (and some tissues, several women have told me the first video gave them insights that made them cry).

Then join our wonderful private Facebook community. Introduce yourself and get to know the rest of us.

After that you can go to the Academy and look at all the material collected there. What will help you the most?

Manage your time everyday, all day

How to balance your week

Sleep - how to make the most of it

Your three types of plans

Long term planning

...or any of the other more than 20 recorded webinars?

When you sign up you will also be invited to the next live webinar (there is one every month with a break during the summer).

Holistic Time Management has been invaluable for the women who have learned it. Those who joined my coaching programs or studied the online course have often referred to it as the best investment they have ever made.

Try it out one month to see if this is also helpful for you!

Click that button - I am looking forward to meeting you in the next live webinar!

Stop wasting your time. Start living the way you want.


What knowledge do I need to join the Timefinder Academy?

You need an understanding of the Holistic Time Management principles. This offer includes lifetime access to the 4 part video course about the principles. Watch them and then you are ready to go!

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You simply stop paying. If you prefer that we stop the payment from our end you can send a mail to

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