Programmes that strengthen leaders from the inside out

Our leadership programmes build on the unique strength of each individual and lead to lasting change.

Our programmes bring out the best of each leader by combining formal training with group sessions and one-on-one coaching, guiding the leaders from where they are to where they want to be.

The participants are encouraged to apply what they learn while still attending the programme, leading to lasting change.  

Your Effective Leadership Style (YELS)

A transformational training programme for leaders who want to get more out of their time and achieve great results without putting unnecessary and counterproductive pressure on themselves and those around them.  

Leaders who follow this programme will no longer be stuck in a rush, with overflowing inboxes or back-to-back meetings.

Instead, they will be valued leaders who can be trusted to deliver on their promises and commitments without stress, pressure or knee-jerk requests for overtime and more resources.

This programme covers how to…

  • Overcome the root cause of running out of time and thereby achieve peaceful effectiveness. 

  • Stay calm and productive no matter what the circumstances are and no matter how stressed people around you are.

  • Save time, energy and effort by avoiding unnecessary conflict and poor working relationships and become a valued leader and person in your organisation.

  • Create a planning system that keeps you dependable, flexible and efficient. 

  • Gain back the one work day a week the community 4 Day Week Global says most corporations waste.

Programme structure

  • Self-study using course materials including books, videos and worksheets.

  • 8 group sessions with a group of 4-7 participants

  • 5 one-to-one coaching sessions

  • 4 months long programme, around 20 h

  • Part 1: Create A Stable Foundation For Managing Time And Relationships With Ease And Peace

  • Part 2: Create A Supporting And Flexible Personal Planning System So You Can Go Fast Without Rushing!

  • Part 3: Create An Effective Work Situation And Become A Valuable And Appreciated Leader.

What our participants say

Magdalena "Lower stress, better organization"


"I have become much more aware of habits that prevent optimal time-management, efficiency, and well-being. I have started changing some of these habits with resulting lower stress and better organization."

Pauline "Most valuable time spent in my life"

Rangeland Foods

"The program has helped me in so many ways, from the types of time to the business cases concept. I can prioritise better; I can say NO easily if I don't want to do something or if it's not a valuable use of my time. I think it was the most valuable time spent possibly in my life. I loved the course, thank you so much Annika."

Lisa "More opportunities, less frustration"


"Thanks to this training I think more about my future and opportunities, not so much about the frustrations."

Gunilla "More confident as team manager"


"I have been new to my leadership role, so it has been really good to strengthen myself with this training. This was the objective for me to join. I have been a lot more positive and have believed more in myself. The coaching has been very valuable to me."

Leena "Reduced stress, all aspects of life"

Inspire Tuition

"Being organised, planning and feeling in control of how you spend your time is helping reducing stress levels. I like how the program includes all aspects of life and not just work as other programs do."

Harald "This should be offered to everyone"


"This is a great program that should be offered to everyone who are motivated enough to spend the time - and those who don't think they have the time are probably those who would need the program the most…"

Christel "In a much better position"


"I have gained insights, received support from others and had time for reflecting. It has put me in a much better position."

Jenni "Led to mega changes"

The Equine business assistant

"For the first time I am in control. It is a wonderful feeling actually. I am able to master my own time and not being pressured into others eating it! The program lead to mega changes. I have time now, I no longer feel I chase my tail!"

Eva "would love a continuation"


"The size of the group was perfect, loved the dynamic and sharing!! I think this has been extra important during the pandemic when we work from home and don't have a natural way to interact with colleagues. It will feel "empty" when the program has finished - would love to attend a continuation."

Ulf "Combination hard to beat"


"The program gradually brought to the realization that I need to take a more active role in my life, in all aspects. I especially enjoyed the 1-2-1 sessions, I think they are the strongest part of the course and really help to get the message of the course modules across. The combination is hard to beat!"

Helen "Better at delegating, increased energy"

Rangeland Foods

Changes I have implemented as a result of this program have had a very positive impact on my life. The group discussions were a major asset to the program, learning from the experiences of others and including their practices in my life greatly helped with my time management skills and in turn increased my energy to enjoy more activities in my personal life improving my relationships which I am truly thankful for. I feel I am in control of my time, I am making conscious effort not to allow others eat my time, my skills at delegating have improved and I no longer feel guilty about it.

Tomas "I have learned not to overdo planning"


It has been very helpful to actually take time to manage time. I have learned not to overdo planning and that it gives structure and a way forward when done right. What I liked the most about the programme were the coaching sessions.

Stina "Helped me take control"


"This training has helped me to reflect and take control on how I want to use my time both for work and free-time. What gives energy and what takes energy? What should I do less of and what should I do more of to feel good, not just for the moment but for the rest of my life."

Becky "More grateful with time and life"

Mallorca Solutions

"I am more grateful with time and life, I don’t try to pack my day as much and leave time to include personal goals. You are such a lovely person Annika, so great to talk to. Whenever we talk I get an injection of energy!"

Per "Contributed to winning award"


"Thanks to this training I found a solution to a task that seemed impossible to finish in the short time-frame. I remembered what Annika had said about taking a step back and then find a solution. As a result we won a prestigious award for the company."

Your Unique Leadership Style (YULS)

A comprehensive training programme for leaders who want to find, develop and apply their unique and natural leadership style, including making the most of their voice and personality.

Each participant will take a leap forward and be ready for more challenging assignments within or outside their current role. They'll also become valued and appreciated leaders by building and maintaining great relationships with those around them.

Leaders who follow this programme will no longer underperform or get frustrated by trying to fit into leadership styles that do not suit them.

Instead, they will motivate and inspire, coach and support in a way that fits their natural style and they will know, use and continually develop their unique leadership style and inspire others to do the same.

This programme covers how to…

  • Find and define your uniqueness so you can live and lead to your potential.

  • Speak so people listen. Don't be belittled when you have something important to say. 

  • Truly listen and increase your influence by seeking first to understand and then to be understood. 

  • Free your voice with a skilled voice coach

  • Embrace your personality and boost your confidence with a professional stylist

  • Inspire, even though motivating others is by definition not possible

  • Coach and support in simple, practical ways

  • Document and share your unique leadership style

Programme structure

  • Self-study using course materials including videos and worksheets.

  • 10 group coaching sessions

  • 8 one-to-one coaching sessions with a leadership coach

  • 3 one-to-one sessions with a Voice Performance Coach and

  • 3 one-to-one sessions with a personal stylist

  • 8 months duration, 25-30 h / participant

What our participants say

"I feel more confident, it’s easier to talk with senior stakeholders now"

Business process manager AstraZeneca

This course made me feel more confident when presenting and supporting colleagues.A simple change, like really listening when others speak, can make a big difference. Now, I find it easier to talk with senior stakeholders. Overall, I gained valuable skills from this course.

Per "Weaknesses turned out to be strengths"

Global Product Leader AstraZeneca

I learned a lot in the course, like how to prepare for long presentations and how to be a better leader. I found out that some things I thought were weaknesses are actually strengths. This helped me understand my unique leadership style and improve my strengths.

Eva "I now use these tools and techniques in my daily work"

Director, AstraZeneca

We talked about different leadership strategies, storytelling, and communication. I now use these tools and techniques in my daily work and meetings. I feel more confident in my role. One important thing I learned is that you can't motivate people, but you can find out what motivates them. I also learned how to use my voice better by training the muscles that control it.

Hasse "I enjoyed learning about storytelling and how it can help influence people"

Director, AstraZeneca

I learned many useful things. One important lesson was how to interact with team members in a more thoughtful way. I also learned how to prepare for presentations using Manuel's techniques. I enjoyed learning about storytelling and how it can help influence people.

"Now I work in a way that suits me and my leadership style."

Global Project Manager AstraZeneca

It was great to be on a course where I had an assignment to focus on. The 1 to 1 coaching helped me stay on track with that and in the group sessions we could interact and learn from each other. During the time of this programme, I have started to take more space and I work in a way that suits me and my leadership style. The feedback from my colleagues shows that it is appreciated with a leader that steps up to the plate even more than before.


"Insight and awareness about my leadership and what I need to be at my best."

Global Clinical Operations Program Director AZ

The group discussions have been very rewarding. This program, combined with the work I have done this year with Clifton's Strength Assessment, has brought further insight and awareness about my leadership and what I need to be at my best. I think this is a good course if you are interested in better understanding your leadership style and getting tools and support to deal with different situations


"I have come to appreciate and feel comfortable with my way of leading."

Associate Director, AstraZeneca

I wanted to better understand my leadership in relation to others and I have come to appreciate and feel comfortable with my way of leading. Leadership can be done in many ways and I see that people appreciate leaders who are fully themselves. This makes people feel safe and allows everyone to be more of who they are. I enjoyed the course and found the group discussions interesting and helpful.


"Has contributed greatly to my personal development"

Sr. Director project Management , AstraZeneca

It has been a privilege to participate in this training. Having personal coaching with someone who listens to my reflections contributes greatly to my personal development and some great tools have been shared. I have become more confident and I have learnt to sometimes let things happen and trust that things will work out. I believe that anyone who is interested in continuing their leadership development journey can do just that by participating in this programme.

Customizing to your needs

Each training can be tailored to your needs, to ensure we focus on the values of your company, the situation of your leaders and your specific strategic goals. Please book a call to discuss if and how we can strengthen your company by strengthening your leaders.


30 min call with Annika

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A 30 min session with Annika

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What our participants say

"Jättekul och jätteviktigt för mig."

Associate Director AstraZeneca

Jag har fått flera insikter, tack vare de personliga samtalen och de olika perspektiven. Det har varit jättekul och jätteviktigt för mig att få göra denna resa tillsammans med dig/gruppen. TACK!


"Your course should be compulsory in school."

International lawyer

This has helped more than the therapist during the last 7 months! You transform lives. I didn't expect it to go so deep into my life. Your course should be compulsory in school. Best investment I have done in 10 years!


"Really appreciated the individual coaching sessions"

Director, AstraZeneca

In general a very good and valuable course which has made me thinking in a different way and reflect more on the choices I make. I have also really appreciated the individual coaching sessions.


"I don't feel guilty anymore."

Teacher and Translator

After the program I don't feel guilty anymore. I accept things more easily. I am more aware now of different categories of time and the fact that if I don't look after myself, my glass will be full of waste time and no energy. I want to appreciate Annika for her willingness to help beyond the business she runs. Annika is a " hero" because she helps people change their lives every day, become better and find happiness.

"Everything is clearer."

Director AstraZeneca

I feel more comfortable with my contributions and interactions at work, they are more professional. Very good that this was not a one-week course, instead something that we keep coming back to throughout the year. Main take-away is the general state of mind post each time we meet, everything is clearer.


"Helped me feel in control of my life."

Medical Doctor

Annika is a great teacher and mentor. She is very patient and a great listener. She helped identify areas I could work on, gave me bite-size practical advice to work on and checked back on my progress. She helped me feel in control of my time in this hectic world. I highly recommend Annika and her time finder package!


"A very good learning experience"

Senior Group Director, AstraZeneca

I liked learning about the different leadership styles, understanding that we are all different and that it is good. I like all the different tips. Sometimes I go back to previous sessions when I want to use some of the things we have talked about. I have used the mindmap to see what we have talked about. A very good learning experience and it has been good to get to know everyone, even if we have met virtually.


"This course helped me a lot."

Business owner

I really want to share that this course helped me a lot and I really like how you lead people onto the right "path" instead of pushing or pulling them. I also find it very admiring how you can cope with so many different personalities.

"I enyojed the fundamental reflections"


I liked the seminars - both presentations and discussions - as well as the coaching sessions. I enjoyed the fundamental reflections e.g. on time and urgency/importance


"I feel more balanced and in charge of my time"

Waldorff teacher

I feel more balanced, and in charge of my time, and less overwhelmed. Thank you!! I love it !! Thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication, you've been very inspiring!


"liked the wide breadth of topics"

Associate Director, AstraZeneca

I like that the seminars were different enough from each other to cover a wide breadth of topics, and always with good examples and engagement The pre-coach forms were helpful for me to reflect and prepare ahead of the one-to-one meetings.


"This course was good value for money!"

Hasazrd communication specialist

This program made me more focused and less emotional. I loved watching the videos, it was always with a good atmosphere. This course was good value for money!

"One of the best remote trainings I have been involved in"

Director, AstraZeneca

I think the training and trainer were great and I liked the one-on-one sessions. As a remote training it was one of the best i have been involved in.


"The best investment I have done in a while"

Owner, Biomonkie

I finally have gotten over my bad habit: procrastinating. I have gained more self esteem and now I can't wait to start my day! On time! And if I don't, I still feel confident that it's not all lost but that I will pick it up next time. The Timefinder is a kickstart for designing my future the way I believe God want's me to be and do. Thank you!!! Best investment I have done for a while.


"Helped me a lot"

Project Manager, AstraZeneca

The training has helped me reflect and by that hopefully become a better leader. The insights I gathered together with you helped me a lot!


"Subconsciously managing my time"

HR manager

I am now subconsciously managing my time which shows to me that the behaviour has become almost like second nature to me. I have been able to fit in more evening activities to progress my life outside of work and actually work on my hobbies to potentially develop them into another profession!

"More confident my leadership philosophy brings value"

Director, AstraZeneca

I feel more confident that my particular leadership philosophy brings value and have learned a few things about myself to work on as well. Just a big thank you to AZ for letting me participate in this. It has made an impression which I believe will be long-lasting.


"Become better leaders and humans"

Head of R&D Sanity Desk

Thank you Annika for helping us become not just better leaders, but also better humans. I hope some day our paths will cross again.

Ann-Charlotte Ågren

"Great to practice leadership skills"

Project Manager, AstraZeneca

It is great that we have had this monthly. If this would have been an intense course over just a few days I would have forgotten most of it by now. The 1 to 1s make it clear that it is good to look ahead and plan when to practice different skills. Understanding that we can practice leadership skills is great.


"I have a new lease of life"

Civil servant

The basic needs of sleep, eat and move had the biggest impact on me. I feel I have a new lease of life. I love how patient you are and you have a nice presence that has a massive positive impact on the people taking the course.

"More confident and decisive."


I learned to better manage my time and to be more proactive. I also apply the advice I got from the classes to become more confident and be more decisive.


"Increased my understanding about leadership."


This training increased my understanding of different perspectives on leadership and management.


"I really liked the course and feel I have developed."


The course has given me a security that my adaptive and personal leadership is good. I have really liked this course and felt that I developed. Annika is not just teaching something she has learned, she teaches as a way of being. I especially liked the coaching sessions.


"I have changed my leadership"


I have changed my leadership with self discovery, self acceptance, and self management by committing to my goals by being mindful to live by them and use them in my everyday activities.

"A highly recommended course!"


The training and the techniques taught in this course are well-structured. The 1:1 discussion really made a huge difference in identifying the actual need and the training aspect in the group fulfilled the complete objective of the course. I learned to manage various stresses and expectations in the majority aspects of day-to-day life, so it's a highly recommended course! /Sunay


"Widened the definition of leadership for me."


During the course, I have reflected on what my personal strengths are and what drivers I have - leading me to certain actions I take. The course has also widened the definition of leadership for me and connecting that to the different styles that a leader can possess, and the perception of leaders in others eyes. The conversations with the course attendees were interesting and also contributed to a wider perspective of the different topics that were included in the course.


"I take more time to listen and building trust and my personal brand."


After this programme I am noticing and making more mental room for good things - not only proceeding to the next problem, and the next.

I am more attentive to interpersonal cues and I take more time to listen and building trust and my personal brand.


"Glad I got the opportunity to attend."


I am very glad that I got the opportunity to attend this course. I now try to lead myself and others more activitely. The course has been very valuable both from a personal view and from a team manager perspective.